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Program Description

Join us in the Life Coaching course. My secret sauce will help you break those emotional barriers, create positive belief systems till you are happy about yourself and your values as they will help you meet your desires and expectations.

Course Details:

1. Introduction: My thoughts on innate skills and how a person is naturally gifted to excel in certain areas

2. Talent v/s Skill: Differentiating between talent and skills to for personal and professional application

3. Assessment of skills: How to identify your skills and areas of interest

4. My story : How I discovered that you don’t need an MBA from a foreign university to start a business

5. Opportunities for growth: Understanding where you stand today and creating a vision for the future with your new found skills

6. Knowledge v/s Skill: Acknowledging the importance of knowledge in skill application

7. Finding your niche: Learn which areas or industry are pertinent to your skill

8. Niche clarity: Narrowing down your options for clarity in action

9. Obstacles in your path : Motivational stories on the consequences of helping others and putting in hard work

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Rabab J Ghadiali


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