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Life Coaching

Program Description

Join us in the Life Coaching course. My secret sauce will help you break those emotional barriers, create positive belief systems till you are happy about yourself and your values as they will help you meet your desires and expectations.

Course Details:

1. Introduction: A quick guide on how to use this programme for self improvement and life transformation

2. Starting Fresh: How to discard negativity from your life

3. Finding Discipline: Learning about life changing habits of people who we view as successful, and worthy role models

4. Goal cards: What do you want from life? This is where you identify what you want from life.

5. Sum up of activity so far: Cross checking whether you have listed down your goals, needs and wants accurately

6. Belief system : How perception shapes belief and affects behaviour

7. Goal setting: A detailed explanation of the art of effective goal setting and its repercussions on your life

8. Needs and wants: Understanding the difference between needs and wants and how to use this information for personal benefit

9. Motivation: How to make a paradigm shift in thinking to start something new and remain motivated

10. Work life balance: The importance of managing all aspects of your life evenly

11. Summary of day’s activity: Belief system, needs and wants, goals, work life balance

12. Thanks: A thank you for participating in this programme and how you can re-use these tips later in life

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Rabab J Ghadiali


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